Kohls Credit Card Login & Payment

Undoubtedly, Kohl’s is known brand for its apparels, jewelry, fashion accessories and much more. Also, it offers exciting shopping benefits and excellent Kohl’s credit card services. So, this is the article for those who want to know about Kohls credit card payment options, Kohls charge card, Kohls charge login or Kohls credit card phone number. Especially, this article is to understand how to make Kohls credit card payment online. In order to make kohls online payment, it is important to know that with Kohls, one can make maximum payment of $3000 by using any payment mode. Furthermore, you have to split your transaction in multiple parts on different dates.


Kohls Charge Login - Kohls Charge Card


Kohls Credit Card – Online Bill Payments

In order to make online payment using Kohls charge login portal, go through the below steps. It will guide you thoroughly during the online bill payment process.

  • To begin with, go to the official website of Kohl’s. There you will find many exciting features and facilities using which customers can manage their Kohls Charge Card or Kohls Credit Card efficiently and effectively.
  • Before you start with online bill payment, go for activation process of your 12-digit Kohls credit card number.
  • For that, visit the official portal of Kohls Charge Login.
  • Subsequently, enter your User-ID and Password, and click on “Submit” button.
  • Finally, on authorization of details, Kohls will send activation confirmation through email.


MyKohls Charge Card Online Bill Payment

In order to make online payment, Kohls offers an online webpage using which one can make MyKohls Charge Card online bill payment. Once, you are through to MyKohls Charge login portal, there are so many exclusive features to use. Hence, by using those functionalities, one can able to manage Kohls Charge Card or Kohls Credit Card efficiently. However, at present MyKohls Charge card bill online payment using Kohls credit card is nonfunctional. So, in that case, customers can make payment either in-store or by debit card or phone banking option.


MyKohls AutoPay

To begin with, if you use your Kohls credit card Login portal for making MyKohls charge card bill payments, there is another option of doing that by net banking. In order to do so, customer can login to their net banking portal and can schedule Kohls charge card bill payment in advance of appx 180 days. Furthermore, using AutoPay option, one can schedule our kohls credit card payment. Subsequently, the billing amount will automatically deduct from your bank account on a specific date of your choice. Moreover, such AutoPay facility is free to use.

Following are the steps using which such AutoPay can be registered.

  • To begin with, get access of your MyKohls Charge Card login portal using your User-ID and Password.
  • Then, go to “Manage AutoPay” option under the tab of “Payments”.
  • Furthermore, click on the option of “Set Kohls Charge AutoPay”.
  • Moreover, set the date of payment for all Kohls credit card bill payments.


At the same time, customers can also subscribe for paperless statement facility. Hence, one can also contribute to save our environment and nature.