Walmart Credit Card Lost?

If your Walmart Credit Card Lost or Stolen and you want to report a complaint, you are at the right place. Simply follow some basic steps to get rid of this issue.


Walmart Credit Card Lost


Let’s find out How to Report Walmart Credit Card Lost?

  • To begin with, it is important to know something. If you have applied for a new Walmart Credit Card, then wait for at-least 10 working days. Please allow Walmart’s Customer Support team to process your application.
  • If it is already 10 business days of Walmart Credit Card application? And your new Walmart Credit Card is not arrived, lost or stolen then you should follow the below step.
  • Call on Walmart Credit Services toll-free number at 1-877-362-5952.
  • Check whether your Walmart Credit Card application is approved or not?
  • If it is through, then why such delay in the delivery happened.
  • In case your Walmart Credit Card is already processed and dispatched, then you can Track or Check the Status of your Walmart Credit Card Application.


Walmart Credit Card Payment: e-Payment:

In order to make your Walmart Credit Card Payment, there are 4 possible ways. Hence, using the following e-payment options customers can able to make Walmart Credit Card Payment.

  • In case, you want to avoid any late payment fee or interest charges, you must pay the Total Minimum Payment Due.
  • Also, there is an option to pay your Last Statement Balance. This is the concluding amount of previous balance minus payments and adjustments and any other charges if any.
  • Another option is to pay your Current Balance, which is the total amount of all your current transactions after last credit card statement.
  • Finally, the forth option is to pay any random amount which should be greater than your current balance amount.
  • Furthermore, customer can also go for stop payment on an e-Payment, until last e-payment made is not processed.

Moreover, if you want to set up e-Payment for your Walmart Credit Card Payment, simply visit the online webpage using Walmart Credit Card Login portal or Sign-in here.









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